Portable Picnic Mini Grazing Table Summer 2021 (Sold out)

The Foldable Bamboo Picnic Table is the ideal accessory to bring to your next picnic so you won't have to worry about placing your drink on an uneven surface again. 

Made from 100% sustainable bamboo it features a built-in bottle holder suitable for standard sized wine and champagne bottles, and 4 slots (2 on each side) for holding stemmed wine glasses and champagne flutes.

With plenty of space on top for a mini grazing table filled with your favourite food, you want to keep off the ground, this table will allow you to dine in style.

It's also easy to clean, lightweight and folds away when not in use. Take it camping, to the beach, to the races or by the pool.

When you're picnicking and want a little more comfort and convenience, the portable Picnic Table is just what you're looking for!

A fully portable picnic table can hold a bottle and 4 glasses, so you can serve food and drink.

- Travel, Foldable, Portable
- Made from sustainable bamboo
- Folds away for easy storage
- Easy to use, easy to clean
- 48 x 38 x 25cm