Zero Waste Tips for Back to School 2022

When going back to school, everyone is busy buying school supplies at their nearest store. However, buying utensils and notebooks that are wrapped in plastic can be very wasteful and not sustainable. Besides, these utensils might not even last you a semester and you might spend more money than you originally anticipated. Buying plastic alternatives is not only very sustainable but it also aids in decreasing the amount of waste being produced. Hence, we have gathered some ideas and tips for zero waste alternatives that you can introduce to your day to day life.


These are the following:

  •  Stainless steel lunch boxes

  • Investing your money in stainless steel lunch boxes will sustain you for a long time. These boxes are very easy to clean and can last forever. The material it is made of is more hygienic and nontoxic when it comes to consuming food and water. Stainless steel lunch boxes are considered to be one of the safest materials to use, whereas plastic contains several toxins that can be harmful to you. 

  • Bamboo utensils

  • Bamboo utensils are very durable and strong. They are not heavy at all and hence the perfect alternative for plastic utensils. They are not very expensive and can last you for a long time. Besides that, they are heat, stain and water resistant. Overall, bamboo is a very renewable and eco-friendly material that grows faster than any other type of wood. 

    bamboo utensils

  • Stainless steel water bottles 

  • Stainless steel water bottles are similar to the stainless-steel lunch boxes very durable and sustainable. A stainless-steel water bottle can last you for a very long time. As previously mentioned, the material does not contain any harmful toxins and is very easy to clean as well. Further, stainless steel water bottles keep your drink cool on a hot summer day or warm on a cold winter day. 

    stainless steel bottle

  • BPA silicone food bag

    Another plastic alternative to plastic zip locks are BPA silicone food bags. They don’t contain any toxins, are easy to transport and keep your food fresh throughout your school day. They are reusable too which will save you money and contribute to zero waste.

    silicone bags
  • Reusable backpack

  • There is plenty of different upcycling backpacks you can buy nowadays. Not only are you saving a lot of money by purchasing that, but you are also helping the environment. Further, they are very durable and can be used for several occasions, such as going to school.  

  • Reusable pens/ pencils and highlighters 

  • Nowadays, you can buy plastic free pens. Mostly they are made out of bamboo which is a durable and environmentally friendly material. However, pencils are still an eco-friendly way to go too. There are eco highlighter pencils that are a perfect alternative for plastic highlighters. They are made from sustainable sources that don’t harm the environment. Further, they last forever. 

  • Buy school supplies at secondhand stores 

  • if you need to buy other school equipment, such as a backpack, notebooks, or pens, we would suggest that you take a look for that at thrift stores. They mostly offer school equipment at a cheaper price.

  • Tape and scissors
  • If you need to work with scissors and tape in school, you should buy stainless steel scissors and Kraft tape. Kraft tape is not made out of plastic and great for our environment. This can promote your zero-waste back to school ambition.

    Overall, by going zero waste back to school, you will benefit from it in many different ways. Not only will you save a lot of money when buying these plastic alternatives (that will last you for a lifetime), but you will also contribute positively to our environment too. You can not only use these plastic alternatives for school but also when you go on a road trip or picnicking with friends. 


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