What you can do during Plastic Free July 2022

What Is Cleenhaus Doing?

Part of our mission at Cleenhaus is to educate and bring awareness to why single use plastic is bad for our planet. We were founded to provide reusable solutions to those who are committed to living towards a zero-waste lifestyle. Cleenhaus provides products made for being used over and over again. Here are just a few of our products that will help you to start living a zero-waste lifestyle. 

Silicone Food Bag

  • BPA Free Silicone Food Saver Storage Bag

These dishwasher safe silicone food storage bags are a great alternative for single use plastic zip lock bags. They are lightweight, slim, reusable, and freeze and heat resistant. These bags are available to purchase in 1000 ml or 1500 ml and have fixed measuring lines for your convenience. One of these bags can replace thousands of disposable plastic food bags all while saving the planet and the oceans. 

Reusable Glass Coffee Cup

Takeaway coffee cups are convenient, but it is estimated that over 1 billion are used each year just in Australia. That is about 2 million paper cups being throw out every day. Although paper coffee cups can be recycled most people to not recycle them because a recycle bin is not as accessible as a garbage can. One of the first steps towards Zero-Waste is refusing takeaway cups and bringing your own reusable cup. Our reusable glass coffee cups are lightweight, crystal clear, and have a silicone lid and sleeve. Our Cleenhaus 8oz cups are microwave and dishwasher safe.

  • The Original French Cotton String Shopper

Our French Cotton String shopping bag is made from 100% cotton and it machine washable. This is the perfect tote for reducing single use plastic grocery bags. Our tote is mesh and so easy to fold up and keen in any bag, so it is with you at all times. By using our French Cotton Shopper, you will be stopping thousands of toxins from polluting our air. The shopper is available in three amazing colours. 

Every small step towards Zero-Waste is important, and together we can do make a difference. Let's commit to the challenge.

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