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The founding principle of About Life has never changed: no food complexity, just simplicity and goodness. ‘Food as medicine’ remains one of the cornerstone philosophies. Everything that has been built stems from this core belief and is the guiding principle in all their decisions; from the people they work with to the way they market themselves. As the business has grown their interests have expanded to encompass a range of environmental and social issues, which is reflected through our product offering, and provides a spot at the table for everyone. Great place to shop and have your catering organised.


Alfalfa House is a members co-operative, providing affordable, ethical and organic food in minimal packaging. They are based in Enmore.


Naked Foods Organic Health Foods since then has been an integral part of the nude foods revolution in Australia which is all about natural food direct from nature and without the “unwanted dressings” of modern processing and packaging. Their packaging is simple and sustainable – brown paper bags, filled by scoop from bulk drums, weighed and sold. No excess to clutter our planet.

Customers are rewarded for moving towards a zero waste lifestyle, using your own packaging allows for a 5% discount any day at any time and the company is constantly seeking ways to become more sustainable, from suppliers, to in-store practices.


The Source Bulk Foods was born in 2012 from their belief that unpackaged food should be easier to access and a smaller carbon footprint could be achieved every time you shop. When you step through the doors of your local store, you’ll soon discover that our name transcends the physical space. Each one of our The Source Bulk Food storesis owned and run by a local family who are genuinely passionate about quality food, healthy options and reducing food waste. The Source Bulk Foods believe in fostering positive connections with our customers and the surrounding community.


Better tasting produce from sustainable suppliers. Bigger value from unexpectedly bigger harvests. More variety from truly seasonal conditions. The highest quality which can only come from years of experience and a close relationship with farmers and their land.


They stock a variety of organic and natural whole foods in bulk bins, and curate premium products from around Australia. They are committed to supporting local growers and reducing peoples dependence on single use plastic. You won't find a plastic bag in our store.

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