The Zero Waste Movement

  • Zero Waste Tips for Back to School 2021

    When going back to school, everyone is busy buying school supplies at their nearest store. However, buying utensils and notebooks that are wrapped in plastic can be very wasteful and not sustainable. Besides, these utensils might not even last you a semester and you might spend more money than yo... View Post
  • Why Zero Waste Movement

    The Zero Waste movement is about choosing to follow a sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle by purchasing, creating and consuming sustainable products that do not have a negative impact on the environment. View Post
  • 3 steps to Zero Food Waste

    Here are some hard facts statistics around Food Waste in Australia.  The Government estimates food waste costs the Australian economy $20 billion each year.  Over 5 million tonnes of food ends up as landfill, enough to fill 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools. 35% of the average household bin... View Post